The PoemEdit

                - Poet Anonymous

Wae's me! Wae's me!

The acorn's not yet 

Fallen fron the tree

That's to grow the wood,

That's to make the cradle,

That's to rock the bairn,

That's to grow a man,

That's to lay me.

The meaning of the poem.Edit

The poet of this poem is anonymous. That poet has shown the wants of a ghost. The poet means to say that a ghost is sad and full of woe and is dreaming that one day another person will die and become a ghost and then he won't be alone. He is dreaming that one day the acorn will fall from the tree. Acorn is a seed so it will germinate and will grow into another three. This process will continue and one day will come when these tress will from a forest. Then people will come and cut the trees. The carpenter will buy the wood and will make a cradle. In the cradle, people will rock the bairn (child) and one day he will grow into a man. As everyone has a Judgement Day, the man will become old and will soon die. Than a ghost will be formed.